sunrise One of our villagers submitted this comment recently and I thought it spoke so clearly of the process we all go through, and so beautifully of the choice that we all face, that it was obvious to me it should be shared with everyone here.

"I’m in the middle of a hurricane right now, there is some holy shifting going on and the Truth is I know part of my responses are coming from a place of shock and I am recognizing that its an important stage of the process and mustn’t be rushed. The beauty is I feel no pain as long as I stand still and observe. From this vantage point I am being given a chance to say my goodbyes to a way of thinking and believing that can no longer serve me or my family…it has served me as best as it could and now I am being asked to operate with a level of power that has no room for mindlessness. I have to grow up…I thought I could automatically get there by watching the clock run down…I’ll be 50 next year but those numbers mean nothing to Spirit who waits patiently…

Without going into any details all I can say is that’s one’s own traumas teach on one level but to guide and support a child or in my case both my children in crisis at both the same time…I have no choice but to surrender and allow all of my learning up to this point to guide us to safe passage. I feel that certainty is the requirment here not wishful thinking. I haven’t the luxury of doubt… the time for making a choice of which Master I will serve has come for me. I am ready to accept my assignment and service with great humility and unwavering Faith. My challenge is your challenge and our purpose is One.

God Is.

Thank you in advance for your support…"