Due to recent (perpetual?) interest in this subject, I managed to unearth this little gem of a paragraph from the December 2006 issue of The Lighthouse (official review of the Foundation for A Course In Miracles, written by Kenneth Wapnick).

“…we want to feel banished from Heaven, with the door forever closed to our return. And this desire – the source of all suffering – is the problem, not the perceived banishment. Many years ago I was seeing a young man in therapy. When his girlfriend of several years, with whom he was madly in love, broke up with him, he was devastated. Week after week he would bemoan his painful fate, until one day while replaying the hurt of the relationship’s end, he described his pain as ‘exquisite’. That broke the log jam of self-indulged victimization, and he was able finally to let the girl go and resume his life. Indeed, he was quite right. His pain was exquisite in its pristine attraction. As long as he was able to attribute his suffering to his girlfriend’s decision, his ego was safe, hiding the mind’s insane decision for a life of suffering behind the hurt and anger of a lost external love. All the while, the mind’s guilt over its decision to separate from love lay unknown and therefore uncorrected.

The question remains, however, why would we ever want to feel so terrible?”