neil diamond
“I am I said, to no one there…”

The words of this classic Neil Diamond song belted into the air at the last job I was doing. Marcus loves this oldies stuff and loads it into his MP3 player, along with a lot of other eclectic music. But I particularly picked up on this. I’ve always loved this song, too, and now wondered where its power came from. It was so obvious, it was staring me in the face.

Mr. Diamond might just be a closet ACIM student, and a good one at that. The ego’s declaration to the world: “I am, I said”; and later, “I am, I cried.” Now that pretty much sums up the ego’s separation-based thinking for me. And then the Holy Spirit’s response of a question mark, asking, "To whom do you cry?" Mr. Diamond: “To no one there… No one heard at all, not even the chair.” The ego may cry and scream all it likes, but there is nothing and no one to hear its plaintive appeals for importance, for reality.

Now, Neil could have looked next to him at the wise Companion whispering in his ear, but it seems he forgot and instead found himself abandoned in his search for self-recognition. In his words, “Leaving me lonely still…” He goes on to say a number of other things about his desperate situation, the most poignant perhaps being, “And I am lost, and I can't even say why…” Which is perhaps why a number of us seem so glad to have found A Course In Miracles! We now know why we feel lost! That’s really useful information. We can do something if we know what the problem is: we’re still turning away from the only Voice that will help us turn back toward Reality and away from the search for some illusory recognition of the individual self.

We could make a truly daring attempt to give Mr. Diamond’s song a right-minded spin…
“We are, we said, as One in Heaven,
And no one need hear our words,
For only Love is real.”
But that would really be pushing things too far…

We do not need the chair or the furniture (or the toaster or the traffic) to hear our cries; we do not need the world to hear our voice. Nothing about us can be lost. All is perfectly intact. The Voice of our right-mind is always heard. Even if we don’t understand all that this means, it’s nice to know…