~ Death and Dying Academy, Temecula, March 2011 - Part 19 ~

(Winnie's notes posted at Acimvillage.com. Many thanks to Winnie from Bernard)

[After Lunch Thursday......Just before Ken started speaking, someone yelled out “The worm has returned”. Without missing a beat, Ken retorted “ I told you not to drink”......(lots of laughter) ]

I am going to be telling you the same message over and over again.
Tp316 But remember that understanding is of the mind, and only of the mind. Knowledge is therefore of the mind, and its conditions are in the mind with it. If you were not an idea, and nothing but an idea, you could not be in full communication with all that ever was. Yet as long as you prefer to be something else, or would attempt to be nothing else and something else together, you will not remember the language of communication, which you know perfectly.

The one single principle to remember is that Ideas leave not their source. In Heaven we are an idea in the mind of God or a thought in the mind of God. The separation never happened.
To the ego, ideas do leave their source. It`s all downhill from then on – to sin, guilt and fear and on and on and on. Since the principle that ideas leave not their source negates the separation, then that is the principle that the ego must draw upon. The strategy of the ego is to get us to believe we are mindless – to believe in the idea of sin, guilt and fear – to believe that projection works. If you get this and nothing else this week, then you will have got the whole Course.

Ideas leave not their source. That`s why I am never upset for the reason I think. Myths are not true. Learning this course requires willingness to question every value you have. The core question is – who are we?

There was an enlightened Hindu master who didn`t write anythng down or teach anything, but he asked everyone – “Who are you?”

The formula for the Course is to see the face of Christ in my brother when I forgive. The memory of God dawns on you because Ideas leave not their source.
WB p318 You think that death is of the body. Yet it is but an idea, irrelevant to what is seen as physical. A thought is in the mind. It can be then applied as mind directs it. But its origin is where it must be changed, if change occurs. Ideas leave not their source. The emphasis this course has placed on that idea is due to its centrality in our attempts to change your mind about yourself. It is the reason you can heal. It is the cause of healing. It is why you cannot die. Its truth established you are one with God.

You must apply Lesson Five to the most difficult experience of all – death. Don`t deny the anger, grief and loneliness, but don`t believe those feelings either.
I keep saying this over and over again.
You came here to remember, I won`t say learn. The only thing to ask of anything is “What is it for?’
Plato`s theory of education, and the etymological meaning of the word “educate” is to remember what you already know. This is the Course`s theory of education too……. to remove the veils of amnesia.
The miracle doesn`t do anything. It undoes.
You are students of ACIM because you want to remember who you are. That`s why you are in this world. That`s why you are in this room. Don`t justify your feelings. Step back and look at them.
If you don`t have peace of mind before you die, you won`t have it after you die. If you want to die in a peaceful way, do your work now.

Don`t tolerate any unkind thoughts. Wake up every morning and remember that it is not okay to have unkind thoughts. Perception is how you interpret what your eyes see. If you do have unkind thoughts, be kind to yourself by realizing that you got afraid of love, that`s all.

Being unkind is not natural. It`s natural to love everybody. Kindness created me kind.
When you are unkind, be kind to yourself. Don`t judge or justify your feelings.
Tp646 The lessons to be learned are only two. Each has its outcome in a different world. And each world follows surely from its source. The certain outcome of the lesson that God`s Son is guilty is the world you see. It is a world of terror and despair. Nor is there any hope of happiness in it. There is no plan for safety you can make that ever will succeed. There is no joy that you can seek for here and hope to find. Yet this is not the only outcome which your learning can produce. However much you may have overlearned your chosen task, the lesson that reflects the Love of God is stronger still. And you will learn God`s Son is innocent, and see another world.

Whenever you feel terror or the slightest trepidation, go back to the cause. It`s because I believe I am guilty. A corollary to ideas not leaving their source is projection makes perception.
But secretly I do want to be guilty. I see a vicious terrible world. I see a vicious terrible world of death. I want to believe that Jesus died on a cross.

The outcome of the lesson that God’s Son is guiltless is a world in which there is no fear, and everything is lit with hope and sparkles with a gentle friendliness. Nothing but calls to you in soft appeal to be your friend, and let it join with you. And never does a call remain unheard, misunderstood, nor left unanswered in the selfsame tongue in which the call was made. And you will understand it was this call that everyone and everything within the world has always made, but you had not perceived it as it was. And now you see you were mistaken. You had been deceived by forms the call was hidden in. And so you did not hear it, and had lost a friend who always wanted to be part of you. The soft eternal calling of each part of God’s creation to the whole is heard throughout the world this second second lesson brings.

In Japan right now the world will sparkle with gentle friendliness. The world we see is a direct result of which teacher we chose. You want to learn this so well that you will integrate it so it becomes a part of your life.

People disassociate the Course. They understand the theory and then don’t practise it. That’s what disassociation is – splitting off.

You bring the darkness to the light. You bring guilt to forgiveness. We blindly continue, we study the Course, we read it, but we don`t apply it. Stop with the baby business.
Everything is a idea, and every idea is purposive. Jesus is saying that this course will bring you home. Why don`t you follow it? Don`t tell me that you can`t follow this Course. Look what you have learnt ! Don`t tell me that you can`t learn this simple course. Moreover what I am teaching you is already in you. I`m reminding you that it is already there. I`m alerting you that you will be resistant and fearful but I will help you. Please let me help you. Why wait for Heaven? Shall we not put away our sharp-edged children`s toys? How long Son of God ? How long??

~ Death and Dying Academy, Temecula, March 2011 - Part 19 ~

(Winnie's notes posted at Acimvillage.com. Many thanks to Winnie from Bernard)

Most of us have read -> Tp29 The correction of fear is your responsibiilty. When you ask for release from fear, you are implying that it is not. You should ask, instead, for help in the conditions that have brought the fear about. These conditions always entail a willingness to be separate…..but this section is so important. This was specially for Helen who was complaining.
This section obviously didn`t take hold because a day or two later,Tp31 Jesus says You may still complain about fear, but you nevertheless persist in making yourself fearful. I have already indicated that you cannot ask me to release you from fear. I know it does not exist, but you do not.
We`re not talking about the historical Jesus.
If I intervened between your thoughts and their results, I would be tampering with a basic law of cause and effect; the most fundamental law there is.
Thoughts are in the mind. Jesus would be taking the only power in all the universe that could help you. Jesus can`t help us. This course can`t help us. God can`t help us. He`s telling Helen – you`ve got the wrong boy.
I am not a dream that comes in mockery. Don`t confuse me with the biblical Jesus. Don`t ask me to enable you.
Edgar Cayce, a great American psychic, started each reading with “The mind is the builder.”
The purpose of this course is to have you appreciate the power of the mind.
You are not afraid of death. You are afraid that there is no death.
Devote each day from the moment you wake up til the moment you go to sleep, and even your dreams to this course.
ACIM is a pictorial representation of your love thoughts.
When you get to the fourth Obstacle to Peace, you can choose to either pass through the veil or wander off.
I don`t want to wander off any more. I want to go Home. Jesus takes our hand til we remember that we are Jesus. The song is each of us. It`s the song you want, the content. We need the forms but only to get beyond them. Enough already, I don`t want to keep disassociating. The introduction to the Workbook says A theoretical foundation such as the text provides is necessary as a framework to make the exercises in this workbook meaningful. Yet it is doing the exercises that will make the goal of the course possible. An untrained mind can accomplish nothing.

Whenever you are tempted to be upset, stop and say L5 and it is no longer okay and L34.
In this world there appears to be a state that is life`s opposite. You call it death. Yet we have learned that the idea of death takes many forms. It is the one idea which underlies all feelings that are not supremely happy. It is the alarm to which you give response of any kind that is not perfect joy. All sorrow, loss, anxiety and suffering and pain, even a little sigh of weariness, a slight discomfort or the merest frown, acknowledge death. And thus deny you live.

You think that death is of the body. Yet it is but an idea, irrelevant to what seems physical…….Ideas leave not their source.

And all the while our egos are chortling in glee – ever seen an ego chortle in glee [ all laugh - and i think the joke was on us]

There`s a line taken from Job – “Curse God and die.” That`s what we say to the ego god – “you lied to me.” The ego is absolutely brilliant, absolutely brilliant. It has fooled practically everyone.
The people who really knew Jesus were muffled, not heard. They never got a mention historically. The gospel writers went from soup to nuts, emphasis on nuts, without having a clue. Don`t believe the voices of the dead.