On this page you will find references to several websites where you can find further resources to help you on your discovery of A Course In Miracles (and yourself!), as well as information on a few websites dedicated to the field of Non-duality (since A.C.I.M. belongs to this larger philosophic family).

A Course In Miracles
Foundation for A Course In Miracles
Kenneth Wapnick’s teaching organization closely affiliated with the F.I.P. An abundance of resources can be found here for the interested student. Do not miss the extraordinary Question and Answer Database on this site.

Foundation for Inner Peace
The F.I.P. is the publisher of A Course In Miracles, and the organisation chosen by Helen Schucman (the scribe of A.C.I.M.) for this purpose. You will find here detailed information about the origin and scribing of this work, the publishing organisation, the program undertaken to translate the Course into different languages, as well as online lessons from the Workbook.

Forays in Forgiveness
Susan Dugan is a teacher of A Course In Miracles at the School of Reason, Denver. Susan is a dear friend, I love receiving her articles; her honesty and clarity always move me just that little bit further along the path. Don’t miss her book, An Extraordinary Ordinary Forgiveness, a collection of her articles on her path. A particular highlight of her work are the interviews she conducted with Ken Wapnick. You can find the transcripts of these interviews on her site, which I find to be extremely useful, not only for understanding this teaching, but for understanding Kenneth’s personal with and application of the teaching.

The Lighthouse Center for A Course In Miracles in France for our ACIM teaching activities in France

Un cours en miracles en France for our ACIM teaching activities in French.

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