Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.
Founder and Director, Foundation for A Course In Miracles, Temecula, CA.

My work with A.C.I.M. began in 1988, and for ten years I studied the work with what I thought to be a lot of devotion and diligence. But as many students can attest, the deeper meanings of its philosophy can go unnoticed, and even consciously ignored, if one is not guided to see them.

That was definitely my case.

In effect, our attachment to our individual special identity can be so powerful, and our fear of our true nature so terrifying, that we can successfully delude ourselves for long periods of time that we are on the right path. But our pain remains, or our anger rears its ugly head – again. Stressful situations repeat themselves with tiring regularity. And our ego-based reactions become predictable even in our own eyes (we don’t need to ask our loved ones!).

Sometimes, just sometimes, we can’t do things on our own.

And it was only in 1999 when I made my way to the Foundation for A Course In Miracles (F.A.C.I.M.) and met Kenneth Wapnick that I began to see a whole new dimension of this complex work open before my eyes. In my mind, there is no finer teacher.

I was terrified, and ecstatic. There was so much still to learn, and the possibilities were amazing! I had learned from my personal study that the world as I knew it did not really exist. That was clear enough from the Text. But what I did not realize is that the observer of this unreal world (me!) equally did not exist. This was news, and what incredible news it was. Frightening, yes! But if this were true, then all my pain, anger, agony and fear were completely, utterly insignificant. But what about Ken?

Ken is a truly masterful teacher; his capacity to make clear and evident the most abstract notions should not be underestimated, nor put to waste (in my opinion). Do make sure you take the time to explore his work at the Foundation web site. There is something there for everyone, from excerpts of workshops, to books and recordings, to his quarterly newsletter, and last, and perhaps most valuable of all for the casual visitor, a remarkable Question and Answer database (over 1,000 entries!). Recently he has added to the plethora of free materials available, five-minute Youtube presentations of key concepts from the Course.

For a wealth of biographical and background information about Ken (audio and text interviews), his teaching foundation (FACIM) and the authors of ACIM, please visit TheRememberedSong. For biographical pictures of Kenneth together with the scribe, Helen Schucman and her colleague, William Thetford, please visit the Archives page at the Foundation for Inner Peace.