sunrise Some twenty-two years ago I came across an absolutely remarkable text called A Course In Miracles, a spiritual philosophy that has as its central message forgiveness. The beauty and sense of homecoming that I discovered within its pages have stayed with me all these years, and have continued to be a source of great inspiration till today. Then ten years ago I passed through a period of ‘sorting out’ (okay, let’s be honest and call it an intense personal crisis – divorce, loss of work, home, etc.) and needed to bring the truth of the Course’s ideas as deeply within my mind and heart as I possibly could. I can only say that something awoke within me at that time, and my life has not been the same since. Seeking the brightest light at my darkest hour, holding the hand of the companion who appeared to me in the pages of this text, showed me something about the illusory nature of the world and my pain that I could never forget.

This book that I came to write, Paulo and the Magician, embodies all the love and wisdom that I learned to feel at that time. It was born of the thought that there must be a way of sharing the truth that goes to the core of the Course’s intention – encouraging a personal experience of that gentleness and helpful, guiding presence that speaks in its pages. And so this is a story, not a textbook, spoken in the language of a beloved tale, relating the encounter of a young boy, a wood seller, with Zepharo, or ‘Zeph’ as he prefers to be called, in the medieval town of the Domain. From feedback I have received, writing in this way seems to have created a sort of parallel world in which what is most beautiful about our path Homeward can be touched and felt as a real experience, and not just understood intellectually. I add at this point that my book is based on Kenneth Wapnick's teaching of ACIM, and so in every way possible I have tried to make this story consistent with his work.

Just for the record, I am a traveller just like you; I have not yet arrived and there are many mistakes which I still make (every day!). But I would much prefer to share the journey than to do it alone. If you think you have something to share with me, then I would be very pleased if you decided to come along and stroll down the path together with my friends and me for a while.

If you would like to take a peek within the book, I have provided some excerpts to help you discover first hand the language of our courageous hero, Paulo, and his enigmatic magician friend, Zepharo. To help become familiar with the philosophy on which my book is based, you will find a few pages explaining the essential principles of A Course In Miracles. In addition, for those who would like to pursue further their study of this remarkable work, there is a links page to sites that you will find useful.

It would not have been possible to ignore the role of Ken Wapnick’s teachings in my work, and so I have included a page specifically on him. And, of course, there is a little information on me, too. Then, if you’re tempted, you can join us on this adventure and purchase my book on the page provided here. If you’re still not sure, you can always take a look at the testimonials pages, just in case someone has whispered something about it being a good read. And lastly, if you have any specific questions, you can always send me an email on the contacts page.

A few words about Paulo and the Magician

Meet a rebellious young wood seller searching for truth, and his wise Companion My deep desire in writing this book was to make available to readers a fresh, new experience of the universal peace "that is not of this world". To achieve that goal, I was inspired to write this story about a boy trying to make sense of life selling wood in his medieval market square in the mythical world of the 'Domain'.

I believe it is the power of metaphor that works its way into our minds and makes deep changes, as Paulo explores the new perspectives presented in his intense discussions with Zepharo, his magician friend and mentor. What I tried to leave the reader with here is not so much information, but an impression of something beyond words, that unspeakable presence that lies just beyond logical understanding. In this special place of stillness, the mind can capture the truth as a living feeling, reassured that all it has sought for so long is indeed real and true. It is there. This books seeks to open that door once more.

If you feel like remembering this extraordinary state of freedom and understanding, then join me as we adventure together down Paulo's path toward the Golden City, that extraordinary place of experience lying just beyond the limits of the conscious thinking mind.