“A wonderful story, full of learning key principles of A Course in Miracles”
If you would like to learn profound lessons, without more effort other than reading an adventure, this is the book for you. Though many people find A Course in Miracles a wonderful tool for transformation, many also find the principles in the Course difficult to grasp. The author of "Paulo and the Magician" takes us on a journey, full of adventure and intrigue, and when done we have learned many of the lessons which A Course in Miracles teaches. Enjoy the read!
Dr. Lee Jampolsky, Author of "Healing the Addictive Personality" and "Smile for No Good Reason."

“Highly recommended”
A delightful, wondrous presentation of a boy’s encounter with a wise older man who teaches him to see the world through the eyes of love. Paulo is a young woodcutter who lives in a mythical time that reminds us of medieval Europe. Having lost his father, Paulo unhappily struggles with the difficulties of daily existence with his mother, brother and town’s people. Like all of us he seeks answers that will make his life happy, but instead finds stress and sometimes misery. One day he encounters a whole new world of the Magician where he is taught the meaning of love and forgiveness, which begins to change everything for him.
This story is a unique, continually affecting presentation of concepts from A Course in Miracles. For students of the Course this beautifully written book will challenge them with each turn of the page to look deeper into how they are applying Course principles. A general adult audience is treated to a dialogue between youth and wisdom that mirrors our yearnings to be happy despite our circumstances. Highly recommended.
Richard R. Gayton author of The Forgiving Place and The Mind Travelers

"A Gift to the World"
Paulo and the Magician is an extraordinary book, reading it is a gift of loving kindness you give to yourself which in turn streams out of you and into every aspect of your life, who would turn down an offer like that ?, any one out there that does not need a little more loving joyful peace in there life ?. The beauty of Paulo's story is that it slowly and gracefully saturates your thoughts as you journey with Paulo through the darkness of illusions towards the light of truth, his every step guided by the attentive care of his Magician guide Zeph.
Paulo and the Magician is one of those excellent books that as soon as you begin reading it your talking to friends about it, the kind of book that you feel compelled to pass on to another, it is a living book and has no place on a bookshelf, buy it, read it, pass it on, a gift you give to the world and the world returns a thousandfold.
Richard Whiston, Scotland

“Immensely helpful companion for anyone who wants to go Home”
I am a student of A Course in Miracles, and as most students I feel stuck and perplexed a LOT of time, in fact most of it. Paulo and the wonderful magician Zeph has turned that around! I am one of those who learns most easily when taught by tales and fables and metaphors like this book. Paulo, a 14 year old wood-seller in medieval Italy meets Zeph, who teaches him The Course - or the way to inner peace. Now, as I for the first time hear the Course, or the principles of LOVE, being taught to a 14-year old young boy, then I find that I can understand it, too!
It is a book that gives me strong dreams, and I sense it as a "something" that has a kind and loving strength to influence me to choose Love and not fear. It feels like the more I read it, the more the book becomes a kind of invisible companion to me. Wonderful experience.
Leelah (Norway)

“A Hardy Thumbs Up!”
Paulo and the Magician is a wonderfully written story of a 14 year old boy who begins to question the boundaries of our lives and the unfulfilling search for any kind of lasting peace or happiness. Upon discovering a wall that seems to imprison him in a grey and dismal Domain, he sets out to break through to find the source of the beauty he sees and hears beyond.
Based on the book "A Course In Miracles" from the Foundation for Inner Peace, Bernard H. Groom tells its story with a true-to-life acuity through the eyes of our friend Paulo and his mentor, the Magician. Paulo encounters his own fears and resistance while the Magician lovingly and patiently helps him see things 'another way'.
Paulo and the Magician is nothing less than the explanation of how we seemed to get here, who we are and how to find the Home we have never left. Its Happiness and Truth have not gone from us, and are accessible now for us to find deep within our own hearts. This journey is one we are all travelling on every moment of every day and is the most important one ever embarked upon. Surprisingly, it takes place entirely within our own thinking.
As a beautiful adjunct to the study of A Course In Miracles, or an easily understandable introduction to the spiritual principles of peace, Bernard H. Groom's Paulo and the Magician is a Must Read for all who are exploring the boundaries of our known existence and experience. Its powerful impact within a straightforward story speaks for itself and I give it the highest rating possible.
Deborah Olson

“A Remarkable Book”
I have been A Course in Miracles' student for a while and am delighted that I have had the opportunity to find this wonderful book. Author Bernard H. Groom manages to translate the teachings of ACIM into a marvellous story which will lead you through the Course in a very understandable and enlightening way. I encourage anyone who is interested in what the Course has to teach us to walk with Paulo as he becomes a student who is willing to see his world, as he knows it, differently. His difficult journey is aided by the gentle wisdom of the magician Zeph who lovingly teaches us through Paulo the true meaning of who we really are and how we can make our journey Home to the City of Light. I know that this book will have a place of honor next to A Course in Miracles in my home and my life. Thank you Bernard H. Groom for this blessing.
Donna D.

“Delightful Tale for Anyone Searching for Peace”
Paulo and the Magician is a new favorite of mine in my personal library and I believe it will become a favorite of many. Paulo is an endearing character, very brave for a 14 year old! The reader is instantly transformed into his world and curious to see who the "Magician" is, referred in the title. Written in the form of a fairy tale, it is for readers young in age and young at heart.
The chapters are written in perfect segments, excellent for stopping and allowing your mind to chew over its rich concepts.
Whether you are a Course student or not, you will find this book extremely helpful in introducing a 'different way' of being in the world. Like "The Disappearance of the Universe" by Gary Renard, I believe this book will become a must have on any Course student's list.

“Excellent story”
After studying ACIM for almost 3 years I had been wishing to find the Course principles in story form. Bernard H. Groom has provided this.
Being able to be the third person observer by reading the story of Paulo and the Magician has helped greatly with my own understanding of how it works. Watching as Paulo starts where we all start terrified, angry, confused, asking questions and getting non-answer answers from the status quo. Even being told to stop asking such stupid questions. Slowly, with Zeph’s help, Paulo starts to see his own unconscious fears and realizes that everyone else is operating from the same fear based thought system. This insight allows him to start forgiving them and himself in order to move past the pain and into the Peace of our "Oneness" with each other. "Watching" Paulo have his ups and downs while letting go and moving through his resistance and seeing the effect on the "Townespeople" has helped clear up some of my own confusion and be more gentle with self and others.