To bring a little more excitement to our discussions here at the Village, I've added a few videos on diverse subjects as and when they appear in our conversations. If you have any particular subjects you would like to see covered, please don't hesitate to contact me (address on the 'home' tab).

Happy Birthday, Villagers!
It was our birthday recently at the ACIM-Village and I just wanted to send you all a big 'thank you' for the past year, for your support and interest in our work together. I look a little 'stressed' but it was my first video test! Trust me, inside I was euphoric!

Series on "Mental Cannibalism": Take a morning walk with Athos and me...
Mental cannibalism is a part of everyone's unconscious experience in this world. It is particularly easy to feel uncomfortable about this idea; it can easily fill us with feelings of fear or guilt, but that would be real a pity since that's really not the goal of this teaching. In this video series, in order to put this discussion in a context that leads towards understanding and freedom, and away from guilt, I take you on my daily morning "cannibalistic" walk.

Athos, my faithful dog, and I will try to help you see through this ego strategy that would keep us believing we can extract something from the people and scenes outside of us to assuage the perceived inner lack. The truth, of course, is that everything is within; the Love of God cannot be absent and is all we truly seek. Yet that is not our experience. In this three part discussion we try to work through this enigma, looking closely at what we believe is happening as we encounter both beauty and ugliness.

Part 1 presents the general outlines of this topic. My goal is to take you on a walk with me during which we will be sorely tempted to believe there is something 'beautiful' outside of us that we would like to bring inside (cannibalism), which will serve as the central point of our discussion.

Part 2 sets us on the path, enjoying the first few wonders of the day, while I describe the 'unpleasant' incident of a smelly van, which then turns into a real encounter with a "peace-of-God-destroying" tractor!

Part 3. We return home and try to make sense of the whole picture of special hate and special love relationships and the role of mental "cannibalism". We emphasize the importance of not feeling guilty about what we perceive as our cannibalistic and murderous tendencies to extract things from our environment. We recognize the inevitably of leading our lives through manipulation and strategizing, and the importance of stepping back into a place above the battleground from which we can observe non-judgmentally the workings of our mind.